Spotlight: Hearty Roots Community Farm

2016-08-03_11-42-34How surprised was HudsonValley FYI to see that a former baby-sittee from the Big Apple (Hi, Ben Shute!) grew up to become a farmer? And not only that, one with community at its center!

From their website:

Hearty Roots is a family farm using sustainable and organic practices to grow the freshest, healthiest, tastiest food for our community.

The farm is run by Ben and Lindsey Shute along with a great crew of ambitious and hard-working young farmers. Based on 70 acres in Clermont, NY, the farm currently grows about 25 acres of vegetables per year, cares for a flock of laying hens, and manages another 25 acres of pasture and fallow fields.

Our goals in farming are to create a product that is healthy for you, for our community, and for the land. Our fresh produce is certified organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC. In addition to strictly adhering to the organic standards, we also set a high standard for ourselves in other aspects of our farming. We seek to improve our soil’s health and fertility in the long term; we aim to play a positive role in our ecosystem rather than fighting against it; we hope to train a new generation of farmers who gain experience by working with us; and we pay our workers a fair wage and maintain worker-friendly employment policies.

Read more about their CSA and join here.

Or, make arrangements to stay in the 1820’s farmhouse has been recently renovated but retains its rustic charm. A 150-year-old maple tree shades the front yard, and the backyard extends back directly to the farm’s gardens, where you can pick flowers and herbs. Cook up a meal with farm-fresh veggies, eggs and pork available from their farm store.


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