#BestoftheBest: Hot Dog Edition

hot-dog-06via Patch/Trip Advisor – Sometimes a hot dog is the only thing that will hit the spot. But you may not feel like taking a trip down the city or out to Coney Island. where can you find the best hot dogs in and around the Mid-Hudson Valley?

Here are a few that earned raves from TripAdvisor reviewers.

  1. Soul Dog in Poughkeepsie. “Great hot dogs, veggie dogs and sides,” said one reviewer.
  2. Pete’s Hot Dogs Inc. in Newburgh. One reviewer called it a “hot dog landmark.”
  3. Dallas Hot Weiners in Kingston. “A five-star weiner for real,” said one review.
  4. Kosiner Brothers in New Paltz. “Great snack shack.”

Have you visited any of these restaurants and tried the hot dogs? Do you have any restaurants or hot dog trucks to add to the list? Please add your reviews and suggestions to the comments below.

You may just have to do a taste test and try all the options to compare.


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