Fantasy & Imagination in Newburgh



The Safe Harbors Ann Street Gallery is pleased to present Comic Art: Fantasy and Imagination.

This new exhibition highlights a selection of artists whose work examines a diverse array of comic styles and investigates how contemporary artists are appropriating the comic book medium, its imagery, and visual tropes into their work.

There is nothing new about the artistic appeal of comic art and its influence on the fine art world. In the 1960’s, Pop Art icon, Roy Lichtenstein, began incorporating the fundamental features of comics, such as the sequencing of words and images, to create his new and exciting work. The present day convergence of comics and fine art sees contemporary artists taking that same approach but moving towards the more visual side of comics, while employing techniques that owe more to art than to traditional comics.

The diversity of the works represented in this exhibit lies between the traditional and the innovative, providing unprecedented access to original art that explores the fantastical world of comics. Continue reading